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Designed to accurately match both the shape and shade of your teeth, all ceramic fixed bridges are a durable form of tooth restoration offered at our dental office. They are considered permanent in that they cannot be removed.

All Ceramic Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge is attached to the two teeth on either side of the space where a tooth is currently missing. An artificial tooth (pontic) is attached in the middle of the bridge and will serve to fill in the gap where the missing tooth was before. The teeth on both sides of the bridge (abutment teeth) will have crowns over them.

The Function of a Fixed Bridge

Fills in an empty space where a tooth is missing

Prevents movement of your surrounding teeth

Helps to maintain your facial shape

Assists with chewing and speaking ability

Restores functionality to your mouth and beauty to your smile

Offers a viable alternative to removable partial dentures

Can prevent jaw problems related to missing teeth

Advantages of a Fixed Bridge

Last permanently

Highly durable

Resembles your natural teeth