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dental implant

Dental Implant

Missing teeth are not only unattractive, but they can lead to further problems with your dental health. Thankfully these problems can be averted with dental implants – artificial teeth that can replace one or more missing teeth. The implants are secured in your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or to support a bridge.

Much stronger than your natural teeth, dental implants are longer lasting as they are not subject to disease, and thus decay. Placed beneath the gum, the dental implant  – made from bio-compatible titanium – will be accepted by your natural bone, which will grow and integrate around the implant. This creates a firm base on which your new teeth will be secured.

Dental implants can be better than a tooth-supported bridge, as they do not rely on the neighboring teeth for support. They are an excellent alternative to dentures, as they are permanent and look as natural as your real teeth. Implants also can support and provide more secure placement of your dentures.

A Dental Implant Consists of Three Parts:

The implant itself (bio-compatible titanium screw)

The abutment (allows the crown – your replacement tooth – to sit on the implant)

A crown (your replacement tooth, made of porcelain and matched to your natural teeth)

Getting a Dental Implant

The non-savable tooth is extract and bone graft material is placed. This will allow your body to make new healthy bone in order for the implant to be solidly secured in your mouth.

You will begin the healing process, which can take up to 3 months with routine check-ups and x-rays. Once the new bone growth looks healthy, we will schedule an appointment for the dental implant procedure.

The implant is placed and you will be given another healing period of 3 to 4 months with routine check-ups and x-rays. When the site has healed and is ready, then a crown is placed.

After examination by Dr. Cabana, appropriate referals will be given.