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gum disease

Gum Disease, Systemic Links, and Your Health

Gum disease prevention is a priority here and part of our preventative oral care regimen. In addition to helping patients prevent gum disease, we also offer periodontal treatments to help those who already have signs and symptoms of gum disease.

Gum disease is a big problem in the current day and age and it often goes undiagnosed and untreated. By neglecting signs of gum disease and by not having regular checkups with a dentist, you put yourself at risk of periodontal disease and this disease can have a far-reaching impact.

Periodontal Disease and Systemic Links

Gum disease can cause pain and sensitivity as well as bleeding gums and it can lead to tooth loss, which is reason enough itself to take care of your gums. But beyond discomfort and the risk of tooth loss, periodontal disease can also lead to a plethora of health problems.

Systemic Links of Gum Disease include:


Gum disease elevates your risk of stroke.


Deeper than average gum pockets can put you at risk for H.Pylori bacteria and associated ulcers.


Those with chronic respiratory infections often have gum disease due to active infections in their mouth.


Several cancers, including pancreatic cancer, have been

linked to gum disease.


Risks of premature delivery and other problems are associated with gum disease.


A vicious cycle exists between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and gum disease.


Bone density and gum disease are shown to be linked. If you have bone density issues, you could also have gum disease.