No Pain – No Problem?

pen mic nightWe’ve all had our moments when we think: “this isn’t so bad, it will go away.” But, when it comes to your oral health, “isn’t so bad” can easily turn into something much bigger. Oral health problems are just like anything else. For instance, if you leave the dishes to be done tomorrow, that pile of syrup covered, rock hard spaghetti sauced, cheese-baked-leaning-tower of dishes will only become overwhelming and eventually out of control. The same goes for “small problems” within your mouth.

Many people think that because “it doesn’t hurt” means that there is nothing wrong. Well…  wrong, indeed. People live with dental issue everyday and believe that pain is the only sign that there actually is an issue. Some people go through their whole lives without ever experiencing a toothache, but does that mean that they have superior oral health? Not necessarily.

You may think that you are living your life in the healthiest of ways, you eat “the right” meals and go for a morning jog every day, but if you ignore your oral health, decay, bacteria, and infection may be just the start of your problems. The mouth is constantly at work, from breathing in bacteria and having conversations to daily chewing and wear and tear, your mouth is always at work. This means it is susceptible to infection.

Always be aware of what your mouth is saying to you, even if the problem is telling you in a whisper, listen and take the right steps to keep your mouth healthy. Regular dental visits are the best way to make sure that your oral health is fine and dandy. Don’t let the silent and sneaky bacteria turn little issues into possibly life threatening problems. Your mouth, health, and smile depends on it.
Contact our office for more information on how to stop “small problems” in their tracks. Our staff is ready and happy to answer any questions you may have. No problem is too small, but any problem has the potential to become too big. Take control of your oral (and overall) health today.

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