Reasons We are Thankful for Modern Dental Procedures

thanks givingThe dentistry field has come a long ways even within the past 20 years. Even with ever-advancing technology that aids dentists in performing more procedures that are now easy, quick and routine, the ability to do more procedures with less office visits and the use of various forms of anesthesia to make the patient’s experience virtually pain free and comfortable, the dentist office is still one of the least favorite places for people to visit.

A visit to the dentist office today, however, is the best it has ever been.

Dentistry in the beginning was done with simple, crude tools, in unsanitary conditions, with little to no knowledge about oral health. Many of the routine procedures we take for granted today were originally lengthy, expensive, painful, dangerous, sometimes lethal ordeals. With the lack of proper knowledge and techniques and poor tools and equipment, not all dental procedures in the past were successful.

To help ease any possible anxiety you may have about visiting a dentist in Tega Cay, our dental office, here is a list of reasons why we’re thankful for modern dental procedures:

  • Modern procedures enhance patient comfort. The introduction of sedation dentistry as well as the perfection of various sedation and relaxation solutions has made the dental office and treatment experience more relaxing and enjoyable for even the most anxious patients. When patients are calm and relaxed during a procedure, it helps us complete the procedure faster, allowing for the patient to be in the dental office for a shorter amount of time.
  • Modern procedures are nearly pain-free. The perfected use of local anesthesia has taken almost all the pain and discomfort from the most invasive, complex dental procedures. The different levels of anesthesia strength can be adjusted to fit the procedure so patients don’t have to worry about getting too little or too much numbing.
  • Modern procedures are safe. Today there are numerous safety and ethical guidelines that dentists and their offices must abide by. There are standards of care that need to be followed.
  • Modern procedures are efficient. The improved technology has made dental exams, cleanings and restorative dental procedures fast and routine. Dental procedures in the past that took some time and involved multiple office visits can now be done in one appointment within a few hours. This benefits the patient as it is less time in the dentist chair. Patients today can get a procedure done fast and without discomfort and immediately get back to their day.
  • Modern procedures are effective. The advancements in knowledge and findings in the dental field combined with the high-tech equipment and tools allows our dentist and hygienists to get accurate test measurements and exam results. Your dentist in tega caydentist in Tega Cay can then execute the most effective treatment for the condition.
  • Modern procedures are done by skilled professionals. Our dentists, dental hygienists and assistants in our dentist office in Tega Cay have undergone years of rigorous schooling and training to be able to practice. Dentists today are not only full of knowledge about oral health, but they are required to put in many years of hands-on-experience to get licensed. Every licensed professional is held to high professional and ethical standards and code of conduct and the dentist office is bound to a standardized level of cleanliness.

At Stonecrest Family Dental, our patients are treated to the best, modern equipment and technology, a friendly staff and a high standard of dental care. When visiting our Tega Cay dentist office, you don’t have to worry, just relax and let us give you’re the most effective and time efficient treatment.

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